Intellectual History

Intellectual History is a research field enjoying renewed international strength over the past few decades. It is a lively field with several new journals and considerable interest from historians, theologians and philosophers, amongst many others. The department has a long tradition within this field, with the majority of current research focused on modern intellectual history from the eighteenth century to the present, though there is also a particular interest in the intellectual history of antiquity. This research draws methodologically on established perspectives such as Conceptual History and the Cambridge School approach, but there is also an active concern with contemporary questions in historiography and the theory and philosophy of history, including questions about canon-formation. The research is directed at a more general Western intellectual history rather than a specifically national account of history. We are particularly strong in the area of nineteenth-century intellectual history and the history of historical thinking. The borders between this field and those of Culture and Media History and the History of Education are porous and overlapping, as is also the case with aspects of the History of Science.

(Picture: Kronos, Per Hörberg, 1746-1816. Published by the Uppsala University Library.)