Joint PhD Seminar Uppsala-Florence: "Science and the Knowing Body"


In April 2019 PhD students from the European University Institute in Florence and the Department of History of Science and Ideas took part in a PhD Seminar convened by H.Otto Sibum (UU) and Stéphane van Damme (EUI) at the Office for History of Science, Uppsala University. The topic was “Science and the Knowing Body: Material Practices of Science in a Global Context.” The second of this new series of joint seminars will be held in April 2020 at the EUI in Florence.

Front (from left to right): Gilberto Mazzoli (EUI), Déborah Dubald (EUI), Camille Sallé (EUI), Simon Dumas-Primbault (EUI)
Middle (from left to right): Armel Cornu (UU), Morag Ramsey (UU), Louis le Douarin (EUI), Thor Ryden (UU)
Back (from left to right): Stéphane van Damme (EUI), H. Otto Sibum (UU), Simon Dagenais (EUI), Gabriele Marcon (EUI)


Last modified: 2023-08-31