Artist-in-residence initiative gains media attention


The initiative to hire Anna Odell as artist-in-residence at the Centre for Medical Humanities during the autumn semester has received a lot of attention in local and national media. CMH's directors Ylva Söderfeldt and Anna Odell have been interviewed both on radio and by Uppsala Nya Tidning (UNT).

UNT reports in their article on the initiative to invite artists to CMH and on Anna Odell's project "the Psychiatric Ward". In the interview, Anna Odell explains that she is now directing attention to the staff within psychiatry, and their experiences and reactions to ethical dilemmas. She also mentions that she is looking forward to the teaching she will be involved in on the medical program. In the article, Ylva talks about the reasoning behind CMH initiating this artist-in-residence:

" - We are an interdisciplinary environment where we collaborate between disciplines with different ways of acquiring knowledge. What differentiates different scientific disciplines is often the type of questions we ask. The kind of conversations that arise with Anna and the questions she asks help us think in new ways about what we do."

Kulturnytt i P1 reports that through the project "The Psychiatric Ward", Anna Odell returns to psychiatry as the subject of her art.

P4 Uppland reports that Anna Odell has been recruited to Uppsala University as artist-in-residence, and interviews Ylva Söderfeldt about the background to the initiative.

DN reported in a shorter notice about Anna Odell’s new project, and so did SVT’s Kulturnyheterna.


Last modified: 2023-08-31