Project Abstract

As the COVID-19 crisis has amply demonstrated, disease is always social, political and economic as well as biological. Medicine currently inhabits a central place in society as a system of thought, a culture, an institutionalized practice and a set of markets. In the interdisciplinary field “medical humanities”, humanities and social sciences perspectives and methodologies are engaged in a critical analysis of the complex issues surrounding medicine in society. Hence the Medical Humanities have presented approaches to understanding health and illness beyond the bioscientific.

Building on this work we will move beyond the theoretical engagement with medicine, and launch an initiative to engage humanities and social sciences with practical challenges in medicine and health. In a study of responses and discourses around the coronavirus pandemic, we will demonstrate that medicine and health are deeply intertwined with democracy, economy, and all levels of infrastructure; they are inseparably linked to cultural expressions and understanding of the human condition.

About the Project

The output of this project builds the foundation for future collaboration between the Medical Humanities units at Uppsala, Durham and Bonn, which aims at developing frameworks for research and policy, and methods for medical and healthcare practice that integrates social sciences, humanities, and life- and health sciences.

The project is funded through the Uppsala-Durham Seedcorn Fund.

Last modified: 2021-02-12