Hannah Bradby and Sarah Hamed: "Challenges of studying racism in healthcare"

  • Date: –14:15
  • Location: Engelska parken - Segerstedt Seminar Room, Eng2-1026 (house 2 at Engelska Parken campus, first floor, room number 26)
  • Organiser: Forum for Medical Humanities and the Welfare and Lifecourse Research Group, Department of Sociology
  • Contact person: Anna Tunlid, Sarah Hamed
  • Seminarium

Forum for Medical Humanities seminar, jointly with the Welfare and Lifecourse Research Group, Department of Sociology

This presentation will be made in English. Participants are welcome to join the discussion in Swedish, English,  Arabic or French.

When patients describe feeling ignored, deprioritized, misunderstood or disrespected by healthcare providers and explain it as discrimination on grounds of appearance, linguistic ability and/or migration status, is this racism? Does the experience of ‘subjective racism’ mean that service providers have been misinterpreted by patients? Is it possible for institutional discrimination to occur in the absence of individual prejudice?

One justification for Medical Humanities is an ability to make sense of ambiguous aspects of healthcare that reductionist medical approaches cannot. When a patient feels belittled by racism, by a provider who cannot imagine being a racist what is the appropriate response?

This presentation outlines the ambiguities of racism in healthcare settings and asks what a critical Medical Humanities approach might offer.

Hannah Bradby, Professor in the Sociology Department, researches migration, racialised diversity and health. Her paper, "Taking Story Seriously", appeared in Social Theory and Health, and she contributed a chapter to The Edinburgh Companion to the Critical Medical Humanities

Sarah Hamed, is a doctoral candidate in the Sociology Department. She graduated in dentistry from the University of Malmö and has a Master’s in international health from the Department of Women’s and Children’s Health, Uppsala University. Her Masters research has been published in Qualitative Health Research. She is researching discrimination in the health care system in Sweden.