The five selected projects that will build our research school in medical humanities


In December 2021 we announced co-financing and a place within our graduate programme for five cross-disciplinary PhD projects. The project applications were assessed by the advisory board in spring before the final decision was made by CMH’s board. The combined judgment was that the submitted project applications overall are of high scientific quality and relevance.

The selected projects are (in alphabetic order based on the main applicant’s last name):

  • Between law and clinical practice: Medical expertise and the unwanted consequences of female genital cutting legislation and politics

Main applicant: Birgitta Essén, Department of Women’s and Children’s Health (MedFarm)
Co-applicants: Jameson Garland,Department of Law; Sara Johnsdotter, Department of Social Work and Medical Anthropology MAU; Richard Shweder, Comparative Human Development, University of Chicago

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  • The Multifaceted Life of Digital Health Records: Between Official Documentation, Personal Information and Cultural Objects

Main applicant: Isto Huvila, Department of ALM Institutionen för ABM (HumSam)
Co-applicant: Maria Hägglund, Department of Women’s and Children’s Health

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Deadline for applications: 7th of October.

  • Ethical dilemmas and ethical competence when providing dietary advice – Evaluation of an educational intervention

Main applicant: Anna T. Höglund, Institutionen för folkhälso- och vårdvetenskap (MedFarm)
Co-applicant: Elin Lövestam, Department of Food Studies, Nutrition and Dietetics

  • Laboratories of the future? Complex buildings, flexible organizations and the research and education of life sciences

Main applicant: Daniel Normark, Institutionen för ekonomisk historia (HumSam)
Co-applicant: Pontus Aspenström, Department of Immunology, Genetics, adn Pathology

  • The cells of the immune system: soldiers, carpenters or housekeepers? How to ask the right questions in the era of big data.­

Main applicant: Mia Phillipson, Department of Medical Cell Biology (MedFarm)
Co-applicant: Ylva Söderfeldt, Department of History of Science and Ideas

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Deadline for applications 28th of September.

We welcome the participating researchers to form the research school in medical humanities with us with start in January 2023. We are now enthusiastically looking forward to appoint PhD students to these five projects.

Announcements of these positions will be published in Varbi by the departments hosting the projects during the summer. CMH will publish links to the announcements here as well as on our Facebook page. The links will be posted more promptly on our Facebook-page.

We at CMH wish you a pleasant summer!


Last modified: 2023-03-16