The seminar goes national


Since October 2020 CMH has arranged the MEDHUM seminar series. One invited guest from Medicine and Pharmacy and another from Humanities and Social science have been invited to present research on a common theme. The seminar has been held at Campus Engelska parken, and since the start of the pandemic online. Meanwhile a budding idea about a national seminar in medical humanities have been formed and developed by researchers engaged in the national network of medical humanities. I am now glad to introduce to you the new national MH-seminar! The seminar sessions will be held online and are open to everyone who announces interest to participate. The different MH-milieus will take turns in hosting the seminars. The first host is Network for Medical Humanities at Umeå University. On the 7:th of April at 15.15 they will host this seminar: 

"Investigating disabilities and ageing in past, present and future societies" with Dr. Josefine Wälivaara and Professor Lotta Vikström, 7 April, 15.15-16.45

Investigating Disabilities and Ageing in Past, Present and Future Societies

Recent statistics show that about 65 million people (10%) of the European population have disabilities. But they are frequently marginalized in both society and research, and there is dearth knowledge about how disabilities are lived across time. In this presentation Lotta Vikström (Professor of history, Umeå University) presents some findings and upcoming research from her current and previous research projects focusing on the life courses of people with disabilities from the 19th century until today in Swedish society. Josefine Wälivaara (Ph.D. drama-theatre-film, Umeå University) presents some of her research within Vikström’s project focusing specifically on depictions of disabilities in science fiction narratives to investigate normative notions of disability and ability in imaginations of the future. 

Links to the two research projects: 

DISTIME Website 


Does this spark your interest? We hope so.  If you wish to participate send an email to and the Zoom link will be distributedseminar sessionto you.

The MH seminar will start slowly this spring but the plan is to arrange one seminar session every month during semesters starting from the autumn term. CMH will also arrange local events open to a wider academic audience and a wider public here in Uppsala about twice each term.


Last modified: 2023-03-16