Malin Oud: "The Decoding China Dictionary"

  • Date: –15:00
  • Location: Engelska parken 6-3025 (Rausing Room)
  • Organiser: Department of History of Science and Ideas
  • Contact person: Julia Nordblad
  • Seminarium

Higher Seminar in the History of Science and Ideas

Research presentation by  Malin Oud, Director of the China Programme, The Raoul Wallenberg Institute.

The seminar will be held in English. 


What does Xi Jinping mean when he talks about the rule of law? How does the Chinese leadership define multilateralism? Did you know that China’s Socialist Core Values include democracy and freedom? What is Document No. 9 and why does it reject universal values? And what is meant by “a community of shared future for mankind”? The Decoding China Dictionary, published in 2021, seeks to answer these questions and to serve as a guide to understanding the official Chinese meaning of key terms in international relations and development cooperation. The Dictionary is also an example of how critical analysis of political language can be made useful beyond the academic context. Malin Oud is one of the editors and contributors of the 2021 Dictionary, and will describe the making of book, and give an overview of the analysis of Chinese political language that underpins it.

In preparation for the seminar the audience is invited to read the introduction and some of the articles in the Decoding China Dictionary.