Dogs, Humans & Diabetes

  • Date: –18:00
  • Location: Engelska parken Ihresalen
  • Organiser: Centre for medical humanities, Department of history of science and ideas and Uppsala diabetescentre
  • Contact person: Elinor Hållén
  • Workshop

An interdisciplinary symposium

During the years 2021-2023 the centenary celebration of the discovery of insulin (1921), the first therapeutic use of insulin (1922), and the Nobel prize for these landmarks (1923) takes place. One of our most beloved pets in an astonishing way ties together the history of diabetes as science, epidemiology and the associated experience of being ill – the dog. The dog is therefore the focus for this interdisciplinary and multiperspectival symposium.

Among the invited speakers are:

Hélène Mialet (York University), philosopher and anthropologist in Science and Technology Studies. Mialet has studied the dog as an interactive measuring instrument for patients with diabetes.

Oliver Falk (Charité), historian who has studied the role that the dog plays in the history of diabetes treatment, as site for insulin and symbol for the moral responsibility of the diabetes patient for  his own diet and medication.

Jeanette Hanson (SLU), vet and researcher who has studied risk factors and treatment of dogs with diabetes.

The symposium is open to an academic as well as a general public. We particularly welcome persons with personal experience of diabetes or with engagement for diabetes and diabetes and dogs. Registration is mandatory, more information to come.