Barbara Duden: "Visualizing the Unborn in the Gaze of the Scientist"

Open Lectures and Film Screening

18.15–19.15 Professor Emeritus Barbara Duden, Leibniz University Hannover: “Visualizing the Unborn in the Gaze of the Scientist. Perspectives from a Body Historian”

followed by

19.15–19.30 Karen Hearn, University College London: “Portraying Pregnancy: Curating a Historical Exhibition of the Pregnant Female Body”

19.30–20.00 Isa Dussauge, Uppsala University & Don’t Stop the Motion: Presentation and screening of the film The Icon: A Visual History of the Unborn

The event is part of the international workshop The Coming of Age of the Public Fetus: Exploring Pregnant and Fetal Bodies in Visual Culture

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