Boel Berner: "Sanningen om faderskapet, via blodet"

  • Date: –15:00
  • Location: Engelska parken - Rausing Room
  • Organiser: Department of History of Science and Ideas and the programme "Medicine at the Borders of Life"
  • Contact person: Solveig Jülich, Sven Widmalm
  • Seminarium

The Higher Seminar

Boel Berner, Linköping University: "Sanningen om faderskapet, via blodet: 'Samvetslösa' kvinnor, blodgruppsundersökningar och faderskapsmål under mellankrigstiden"

Boel Berner is emeritus professor at the Department of Thematic Studies - Technology and Social Change, Linköping University. A sociologist and historian her research has focused on the character and role of technical knowledge; how it is taught, used and contested in society. Her current work concerns the politics of blood, and discusses how blood group knowledge became intertwined with moral, ideological and legal issues during the Interwar years, as in race biology and in the search for the truth in paternity suits.

The programme "Medicine at the Borders of Life"