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Informell doktorandworkshop med Steve Woolgar, Linköpings universitet

Högre seminariet och Avdelningen för vetenskapshistoria

Informell doktorandworkshop med Steve Woolgar, Linköpings universitet. Workshopen är öppen för alla doktorander men institutionens doktorander har förtur. Därefter fylls platserna på enligt principen "först till kvarn". Maximalt antal doktorander är åtta. Anmäl deltagande till Francis Lee senast den 18 april.

Steve Woolgar is one of the most distinguished researchers in the field of Science and Technology Studies. He is among other things known for writing the hugely influential book "Laboratory Life" with Bruno Latour. He maintains an interest in current theoretical themes in Science and Technology Studies, notably agency, ontology, materiality and causality, especially as these are worked out in relation to topics such as evaluation, impact, algorithms, revelation, irony, provocation and intervention.